Why choose us


  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Products from highly focused Research & Development
  • Real-time product delivery
  • Customized Packing, Orders always arrive in excellent condition
  • Best pricing in the industry
  • 100% Payment Secure
  • Fresh & Healthy Organic Food
  • Quick Support 24 x 7

Mission, Values & Vision


ProActiveAnt carries a vision to go global with its dynamic range of products to meet the ever-increasing needs of consumers.


We aim to make natural and premium quality products available to our consumers without compromising their health and budget.


ProActiveAnt thrives on positive and potential business associations and the fulfillment of customers’ needs to the utmost satisfaction.


The way we conduct our business is guided by principles of discipline, integrity, accountability, dedication, determination,  consistency, and honesty.


ProActiveAnt doesn’t engage in any malpractices or participate in fraud. We don’t harm animals and the environment. We are against child labor.


We want to bring a positive impact on the life of organic Agro-producers, farmers, and manufacturers who are our primary source.


ProActiveAnt’s mission is to channel its wide variety of products into the global market and make them available all across the globe and bring a smile to consumers’ faces.

Ceo & Founder


ProActiveAnt was established by Mr. Shiv Kumar Chaurasia with the help of his friends and family. He started this business to expand the market of his products from local to global.


A thorough study of products available in India and their utility in the international market, lead to the formation of ProActiveAnt.


He has deep knowledge of the company’s products, about its various forms, types, sizes, grades, availability, quality, and prices which helps in boosting the business.


Due to his proactive and hardworking nature, the company is called ProActiveAnt, which represents him in every way.


He is noted for his exceptional interpersonal, communication, and social skills, which enable him to build effective business relationships with ease.


His goal is to improve the quality of life for his community and motivate people to achieve their full potential.