Benefits Of Honey

Benefits Of Honey

Honey has been used as an effective health remedy throughout the ages, but there are many benefits of honey that aren’t as well known or widely discussed. This article takes a look at 7 of the most incredible benefits of honey you probably didn’t know about before reading this!

  • The nutritional benefits of honey

Did you know honey is rich in antioxidants, antimicrobial properties and also contains anti-inflammatory properties? While sugar can cause inflammation that can lead to weight gain, honey has been shown to help with a number of ailments. It’s an excellent source of B vitamins, minerals such as iron and zinc and amino acids like leucine. Honey also acts as a natural energy booster; it gives you long lasting energy so you don’t crash during mid-day slumps or afternoon crashes.

  • The medicinal benefits of honey

Most people know that honey can be used to cure an upset stomach, but it’s got many other uses, too. Recent studies have shown that honey can also treat allergies and even some skin conditions. All you need is a spoonful or two in your tea! Here are some surprising ways honey can help: 1. Soothes sore throats: Mix one teaspoon of local, raw honey with lemon and warm water before swallowing. It tastes better than commercial lozenges and works faster, too.

  • How honey helps with exercise

Ingesting honey before exercise improves performance. Carbohydrates are stored in muscle tissue as glycogen, which is released during physical activity. If you’re tired after exercising, it might be because your muscles have been depleted of their glycogen stores. Adding sugar to your system helps restock those stores and can give you a burst of energy.

  • How to use honey in cooking and baking

Cooking with honey is a popular way to consume it because you’re getting all its health benefits. And cooking with honey is easy; it adds depth to sauces, glazes and marinades, so it’s a good idea to keep some on hand for cooking needs.

  • Where to find high-quality honey

Part of honey’s popularity is that it’s a natural sweetener and unlike other natural sweeteners such as agave, maple syrup, and coconut sugar, honey doesn’t spike blood sugar levels. However, when you eat store-bought honey, you’re likely not getting any health benefits due to high fructose corn syrup often being used as an additive. Look for raw local honey to ensure you get all honey’s benefits without nasty additives.

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