Do you know what is Jaggery?

Do you know what is Jaggery?

Do you know what is Jaggery?

Jaggery is a type of unrefined, concentrated whole cane sugar. It is the product of boiling down the juice of sugar cane or palm trees and then cooling and solidifying it. Jaggery is used in many Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines, as well as in some Middle Eastern and African dishes. It has a dark color and a strong, distinctive flavor that is often described as a mix of caramel and molasses.

Jaggery is a traditional non-centrifugal cane sugar consumed in the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Africa. It is a concentrated product of cane juice and often date or palm sap without separation of the molasses and crystals, and can vary from golden brown to dark brown in color.

Do you know the benifits of Jaggery?

1. Jaggery is a good source of several essential minerals and vitamins such as iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and B-complex vitamins.

2. It helps improve digestion, as it has a high fiber content.

3. Jaggery helps prevent constipation and keeps the digestive system functioning properly.

4. It helps boost energy levels and has a high glycemic index, which makes it a good source of instant energy.

5. Jaggery is considered to be a natural detoxification agent and helps cleanse the body of toxins.

6. It helps reduce inflammation and is known to be beneficial for people with arthritis.

7. Jaggery helps improve the immune system and helps maintain healthy skin.

8. It helps reduce bad cholesterol levels and helps maintain blood pressure levels.

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